I'm Kristen, a UX Researcher and Designer. I study Human-Computer Interaction + Design at the University of Washington after years of being a classroom teacher. My background in instructional design enhances my ability to create strategic research plans. 

What really sealed the deal in terms of my desire to become a UX Researcher was teaching in the Republic of Georgia the year the government launched their One Laptop Per Child program. At the sight of these tiny laptops promising early digital literacy, I knew I wanted to work at the forefront of projects that promised to fundamentally alter human-computer interaction. 

As an International Studies undergraduate I've been able to conduct culturally sensitive research in a host of countries. From contextual inquiries in India to field research in Uzbekistan, I'm continuously amazed by the wealth of data to be gained from these participatory methods. 

When I'm not spinning a globe (view my travel gallery here)  to find my next travel destination or finishing up a prototype for class I can be found volunteer teaching or dancing up a storm. 

Thanks for visiting and please feel free to contact me on linkedIn or Twitter!